Cutting Scissors

Cutting Scissors

Picture of The Ikon Rose Gold

The Ikon Rose Gold

The Ikon Rose Gold professional scissor is no exception, perfect for all cutting techniques and finished with a glorious rose gold titanium coating. Life span of between 15 and 20 years if maintained and serviced correctly! We are so confident with our products that we offer an exclusive lifetime guarantee plus a 12 month drop warranty.
€260.00 €225.33
Picture of The Koten

The Koten

The Matakki Koten is a perfectly engineered professional hair cutting scissor that's made in Japan with a life span of between 20 and 25 years, a great tool for the advanced hair stylist or barber.
€317.77 €283.11
Picture of The Leaf

The Leaf

The leaf is a fabulous light weight all-round hair cutting stylist scissor hand crafted using 440C Hitachi steel from our Japan factory. Matakki keep creating high quality tools that some of our competitors charge up to 3 times more for the same scissor!
€311.99 €277.33
Picture of The Beast

The Beast

Hand crafted from Japanese Hitachi steel, super sharp convex blades with the addition of a Japanese mythical beast engraved into the handles, what’s not to like. Suitable for all cutting techniques from blunt cutting to point cutting.
€340.88 €283.11
Picture of The Dragon

The Dragon

Hand created using Aichi 440C steel from Japan, the Matakki Dragon hair cutting scissors are stylishly created with a hand cut mythical dragon engraved into the handle making these scissors absolutely one of a kind!
€317.77 €283.11
Picture of The Flower

The Flower

Professional light-weight hair-cutting scissor is hand crafted from Japanese steel and designed with a beautiful Japanese flower engraved into the handles. Launched way back in 2003, the Flower hairdressing scissor has been a firm favourite of professional stylists worldwide.
€213.77 €190.66
Picture of The Gem

The Gem

The original Gem since we launched this model back in 2003, It’s been imitated by so many other brands but there is only one Matakki Gem. The Gem professional hair cutting scissor is a professional tool designed for all round cutting.
€260.00 €225.33
Picture of The Gorudo

The Gorudo

Matakki are innovators and leaders in professional scissor designs and at the forefront of technology! The Matakki Gorudo is constructed from premium Japanese Aichi 440C steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 62 creating a super fine and sharp convex cutting edge.
€340.88 €306.22
Picture of The Kato

The Kato

Designed specifically for the barber in mind, the Kato barber scissor is a true work horse! Speed cutting is where this model excels while scissor over-comb work is a breeze creating clean straight lines!
€248.44 €213.77
Picture of The Orbit

The Orbit

€306.22 €248.44
Picture of The Reaper

The Reaper

BEST SELLER...The Matakki Reaper is constructed from premium Japanese Hitachi 440C steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 62 which enables our technicians to create a super sharp convex cutting edge.
€283.11 €219.54
Picture of The Drogo - Limited Edition

The Drogo - Limited Edition

€306.22 €190.66