Cutting Scissors

Cutting Scissors

Image de The Barber C6

The Barber C6

The Matakki C6 is a classic 6.0" hairdressing or barber scissor designed for people who like a traditional style handle. Classic design and classic in looks, the C6 is comfortable, durable and sharp thanks to it's perfectly engineered convex edges.
Image de The Arrow

The Arrow

The Arrow is designed for hairdressers and barbers in mind and has super comfortable offset handles with an ergonomic finger rest for added comfort. Need thinning scissors too? Why not take a look at our Arrow matching scissor set and save money!
$297.16 $243.13
Image de The Black Ninja

The Black Ninja

Vous vouliez plus grand, nous l’avons fait plus grand, vous vouliez une finition mat, nous l’avons fait pour vous. Le ciseau de barbier de coiffure Ninja Noir Matakki est ici, amélioré, perfectionné et amené à une spécification plus grande.
$333.18 $261.14
Image de The Toya

The Toya

The Matakki Toya is our entry level hair cutting scissor which is perfect for barbers or hairdressers. Matakki Toya scissors are hand crafted to our exacting standards making this model a fantastic scissor to work with.
$171.09 $135.07
Image de The Kita

The Kita

One of the lightest hair cutting scissors Matakki have ever produced! Perfectly balanced and combined with a smooth cutting action plus a 12 month warranty.
$261.14 $135.07


Clear out product, was £145 NOW £49.99.....The Yari scissor is a fantastic all round cutting scissor hand crafted from Japanese 440C steel and finished with dual finger rests for flexibility.
$261.14 $90.03